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2 years ago

I wasn’t able to find the
comments screen or the dashboard, so I hope I’m leaving this in the correct place to comment… I just wanted to express my HUGE appreciation to the person(s) who’ve taken the time to gather this information on your site for public viewing, and for putting the banner on your truck to help more people open their eyes to the LIES we are being fed.
To anyone reading this – please understand that when “the people” are afraid, are confused, are at odds/fighting with one-another… “the people” are easily CONTROLLABLE. “They” have us right where they want us guys… We, THE PEOPLE are now policing one-another. WE, THE PEOPLE are now accepting and even encouraging others to say yes to a MANDATORY VACCINE for an illness that MOST PEOPLE RECOVER FROM AND SURVIVE. The news and the media will show you only the sad stories/deaths/the children, the “long-haulers”, etc. to keep you afraid, to keep you in line, and to keep you glued to the “scare box” by which you consume this information from…
but keep in mind… it is the media’s JOB to keep you tuned in and CONSUMED by the information that they portray as factual and accurate. Have you ever asked yourself who FUNDS these media outlets? Frighteningly-enough, it’s only a handful of very wealthy and powerful entities with scary/greedy agendas that most folks have never heard of. Not only can a politician be bought, but so can the media outlets…which carry a much further reach to “the masses”. Please understand that by never questioning, we are accepting these lies and complying with whatever their next control tactic is… we are LOSING our RIGHTS and our FREEDOM!! WHEN YOU GIVE AWAY YOUR FREEDOM TO YOUR GOVERNMENT, THEY WILL NEVER GIVE IT BACK!!! Open your eyes. Stay away from the news. Know that there are more of “us” than there is of “them”. A healthy government is one that should have a little bit of fear to the power of its people. WE are the ones who should call the shots. They are supposed to be working for US – now our government wants to mandate experimental vaccination?? WHOA!!! Ask yourself, since when did your government EVER care about your health and your well-being?? Ask yourself then why you are saying yes to being a guinea pig for a vaccine that is still in it’s “experimental phase”. You ARE now part of their experiment… how frightening…
May God keep ALL of us strong and able to see beyond what is being presented as our “new normal”. Please show love and compassion to everyone you interact with… we’ve ALL been put through the ringer…

Thank you again to the folks who have put this site together and are trying to help people to open their eyes to this. Aloha.